Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

happy marti gras! i've been out.

i'm a little tipsy but feel the need to update.

i talked to this guy at a bar... the lame bar we went to because my one friend said she was meeting a guy who worked there. fine. this guy starts talking to me and i ask why he's not at a busier bar, and he says he's 19 and the other bars aren't 18 and over. fair enough kid. i ask where he works... he used to work WHERE I WORK, but got notice three weeks ago, so.

he asked the best question ever... "what's with the ring, are you married or something?" 'fraid so dude. this question made me feel like when he told me it was his first time in a nightclub, he wasn't lying.

19. i wanted to tell him it'd all be okay, he'd meet girls, get a job, survive. i had this sudden instinctive urge to be concerned for him, for no apparent reason. i always think about what age means because it's so weird... at 23 i felt unprepared. at 25 i felt like 23 was young, but couldn't explain why. at 28 suddenly i feel like someone needs something from me. did i tell you that a girl at work e-mailed me for career advice once? career advice? she said i was looked up to... what? who? what?

if i've learned so much, isn't there something to write down?
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