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cafepress roundup of stuff I didn't design

I've been on a cafepress kick lately. Designing lots of my own stuff, yes, but this also means I spend more time on the site browsing around understanding competition and loving other people's designs. So I wanted to post a quick roundup of my recent faves, in case I ever have money to buy this stuff. It's a virtual shoutout to people I think are creative.

I was going to make this post all image-y, but then I thought it looked too much like spam or whatever, so it's links, I don't know what the preferences are.

I made a girly star design, and while checking out other star designs I found this red star tile coaster. I think it's cool and punk rock so it makes the list:

this is totally stupid but i had to save it because the man and I are into cute animals. it's got chinchillas on it, and they're just "chinchillin'":

the "slow movin'" retro snail wall clock. I found this one when I asked myself, "who could possibly sell a wall clock?" did some browsing, and got my answer.

I know the pluto-planet jokes are getting old, but I liked this t-shirt that reminds us pluto was a bitch anyway:

"I went to public school in Kansas and all I got was a poor understanding of the scientific method (and this lousy t-shirt)". They could have done a better job on this design, but I love the slogan:

Newest thing some spacefem are these happy nature-y designs. I think the more stressed I am, the more low-key my shirts are. I also made this peace sign that looks like bent wire.
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