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computer use and the man

marc's christmas presents to me revolved a lot around computer hardware, so there'd be a linux box upstairs that worked with the widescreen monitor he got me a bit back. lately i've been spending a lot of time on it, mostly doing cafepress stuff but also working on other web designs, scripts, etc. it's upstairs where the temperature is warmer and i just keep getting design ideas. anyway i told him that i was surprised to be using it so much, I didn't think it'd come in this handy but now that it's here for me i really love it. and he replied, "I knew that'd happen. I remember the last house you lived in, you were always in the basement where spacefem* was, doing creative things. I felt bad that we took over that computer for tv stuff." (*spacefem here meaning spacefem the computer, the one I built in 2002 with the light kit in the side with a planet.) Anyway I thought that was awesome in the "damn, the man knows me" sort of way.

we didn't do a thing for valentine's day. okay, we scoped out stores for clearance candy afterwards, but they're on to us now, they get rid of that stuff fast. aside from that though we both hate valentine's day and pledge to never celebrate it, and that's working out really well for us.

I had a really good day at work. Four hours of meetings... that's a pretty good ratio if they're all productive, and today they were. Rumor has it I'm supposed to move desks tomorrow or Friday? I never believe this until someone literally comes to kick me out, but I'm bringing cleaning stuff anyway. Every place I've ever moved has been filthy, and they have desk cleaner in the supply closets but it's some kind of ultra-toxic super-anti-biotic eye-burning formula that worries me. Step one: dust. Unearth the craziness. Step two: wipe down whatever bubonic plague the last person left behind. Step three: work. Step four: unpack boxes, slowly, over a period of many days. We move around a lot where I work, and unpacking is a relaxing thing that I spread out.
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