Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

talking machines

I was watching Star Wars, where the droids are talking to each other and giving orders and the like? Stretch, there, to think that robots would communicate with one another in english. There are much better ways for machines to communicate. Faster ways. More secure ways.

And it got me thinking, why do we talk to each other? I actually can't believe we didn't evolve past that at all. I'm not asking for a telepathic link to the world. It just seems like if we use sound, we should be able to transfer information between one another at the speed of sound.

I always think about my image processing classes in grad school because that stuff was so insane... trying to get computers to understand images. I can give you a stack of pictures from my last vacation and you would flip through them in 60 seconds and know everything... this shows me on a beach. this one has my husband with a dog. then eating at a restaurant. then outside at night. then outside during the day. then inside during the day. My grad school work was about teaching computers to do things like that... but the world is so far. Google now lets you search line drawings which is impressive. But the academic and theoretical worlds is a long way from getting computers to flip through and process information that our brains can do in seconds.

so if we're so good at that, why are we so bad at talking to each other? we try so hard to connect with humans, and we're forced into these abstract, inefficient methods to accomplish it. talking and looking at each other and all that. i like a good conversation as well as anyone, i just don't really understand it.

my computer and your computer will get these words moved between each other in five seconds. then we slow it down. that's what i'm saying.
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