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i have lost my voice almost entirely. saturday i sounded kinda sick, sunday i sounded terrible, today i sound like nothing. i can kinda squeek some things out when i have to. so work sucked... i had to be there because i'm behind, we're understaffed, there's a mini-crisis every day, that kind stuff. pretty normal. except it's really nice to talk.

people either talked very quietly back to me, or talked to me like i was a little kid, or just DIDN'T STOP TALKING. Seriously I can't close a conversation with the normal "okay got it thanks" I just had to keep smiling and nodding while they thought of item after item of inspired monologue.

it's all too bad because this weekend was awesome. i was at my regional swe conference hanging out with awesome other women engineers who i've grown to really enjoy lately.

at least i don't need a voice for the internet.
Tags: health, swe
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