Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

thinking positive

even though i whine, bitch and complain in this journal all the time, at work i'm seen as a fairly positive person. there are these kids who work around me who do nothing but talk about layoffs, our tanking stock price, the unending downward spiral of the economy... i just don't get the thrill in discussing our demise.

first, i've seen the economy cycle before. hell just last year, skyrocketing gas prices lead to lower demand which lead to lower gas prices... that's how capitalism works. now nobody wants to buy a car, so car prices are dropping, which means some people who couldn't afford a car before can get one now, which means prices will go back up. it's the cycle.

but really i've learned that if i'm just annoyingly positive at work, people quit talking to me about how bad it is.

what can you do? if we're all in the bread line next year, then we're all in the bread line. i'll try to hitchhike to the library to update my lj. I don't understand 23-year-olds lamenting their retirement funds going downhill... you're 23 with a retirement fund! who cares what's going on, you're ahead! and losing ten grand or so in your 401K is NOT the same as someone breaking into your house and stealing cash, I don't care what they say. we still have shares of something. the way these guys talk about their retirement funds, you'd think they were going to take the money out for vacationing but decided against it.

The only downward spiral I see is people freaking out. supply and demand curves have a way of coming back... people will always look to the horrible side of everything.

the worst part is that these people i hear around me are the ones who have jobs. you'd think, if anyone, they'd be the least gloomy?
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