Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

mug design, cold weather driving

i've been having fun with cafepress lately... today I designed this mug covered with resistors:

I barely ever sell anything on that place but it's fun to make designs so I just keep coming back. plus it says i've been a member since 2001... what the hell was going on then?

a guy in a big truck was an asshole towards me today. i was turning right. he was on the street i was turning onto, at a stop sign (I had no stop sign) waiting to turn left onto the street i was driving on. i was signaling right. i slowed down to, like, 5mph. but at the turn, i slid because the streets were coated with ice today. meanwhile truck champ figured that since i was signaling, he might as well start his left turn by pulling out right in front of me. i honked because i couldn't stop and i was hoping that since HE was stopped, he'd stay that way and i could just continue through the intersection. but he threw his hands up and waved me to the right like, "you signaled! gotta turn now, because i'm gonna block the intersection, because i'm an asshole!" and then i was angry.

personally, i never turn in front of someone just because they're signaling. i wait until i see clear evidence of successful turn initiation. but I don't drive a gigantic 4-wheel vehicle, so i guess i have to be more responsible.

i just looked over and my husband is reading the mooncup website... does this mean he's getting his period soon? he's been spending too much time on the spacefem forum since we had that austin meetup.
Tags: cars, internet
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