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I bought some shares of 3M (MMM). The stock market now has my permission to go back up.

Last night we went to Oeno and sat at a random table that some people were already at and started up a conversation. Marc said he wouldn't have done that without me. He likes hanging out with people he knows, and being quiet around people he doesn't. I don't get how that works, or how he has so many friends, being like that.

We've been watching and re-watching a program we DVRed about the humboldt squid. It's scary.

I joined con_quest, and posted a picture of my shoes.

This'll sound bad, but I really feel like skipping the baby shower I was invited to today. Question... if someone is in your group of friends, but you've never hung out with them personally, do you have to go to their baby shower? I hate these things for two reasons... first, it's all talk about babies and how wonderful baby stuff is, and I beg to differ. Second, it's usually the last time I see said friend. At our wedding, there were people there whose weddings we recently attended, so it's all even. Baby showers are different because the people fall off the face of the earth and stop speaking to you after they have a baby. I already have a long list of women whose showers I attended, but who certainly won't be attending mine if I ever have one because they vanished. I'm happy for my friends who have babies, but I'm getting to the age where it's happened so much that I'm not going to kid myself about the future of our friendship.

Me and former roommate are still friends, even though she had a baby, but that's a bit different. First, she's been usually down to earth for a new mom. Second, we were really close before, not just "in the group", we lived together.

I actually don't mind buying the shower gift so much as I do sitting there listening to oohs and aahs about pastel outfits for three hours, that kind of stuff makes me want to kill myself. And if there are other pregnant women there (which there almost always are, they attract one another like magnets) I have to hear about all the physical adventures of pregnancy. If I ever want to be a mom, I really need to avoid these things, because it's all bad sounding.

I will say that I sat between three pregnant women engineers last month at a lunch and it wasn't so bad. They were all pretty cool, doing their job, holding onto reality, talking a little about baby stuff but not in scary ways. And we still talked about science and current events. This is a subject that's come up with the ladies I know in SWE now... something we really like about SWE is that we get to hang out with women, but we know where to put each other. I always felt like I was purely there for plucky comic relief when I hung out with engineer wives... like they weren't sure where to put me, I threatened their status quo where husbands are crazy geeky engineers to be laughed at and women are motherly technophobes.

wow, this entry took a turn for the crazies as soon as i started it, didn't it? I was only going to put down a line about squids.
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