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i'm in austin texas! the man and I drove down, because you know, we haven't been traveling enough lately? austin is fun though. yesterday we went shopping, went to the blanton museum, and then stayed up late for a midnight showing of rocky horror picture show! the cast was amazing, it made me wish our wichita group still did the monthly thing instead of just once a year around halloween.

the purpose of this visit was to hang out with spacefemmites. yes, from my website! there's one girl who lives here, another who flew in from scotland, two from dallas, marc and me. so it's meetupy! this is the most spacefem members i've ever met in my life, we're calling it "mini femcon '09".

last weekend i was at home cleaning and doing boring things like taking down the christmas decorations. this is way more exciting.

we've eaten at Taco Cabana twice. I really love it and wish we had one in Wichita. it's fresh and tasty. maybe it's that we're around a college with 50,000 students, but the eating options here are way better. lots of good vegetarian stuff and less processed crap. i really love hippie food.
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