Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

weekend update

Yesterday was relaxing. I picked up a little bit in the morning, then humaazul and I ran some errands. We went to the food for thought, we went to the thrift store with bags of things, and bought some stuff there too. I bought:
  • a cool old copy of Little House In The Big Woods for $0.29
  • a garlic chopper that looks like this:

    I've seen them everywhere for $10 or $12, this one looked brand-new but was $2.
  • a big green corduroy dress. ugly as hell, but the fabric is study and in good shape so I'm going to harvest it for a bag or pillowcase or something. If I spent $1 on corduroy at the fabric store I'd get 1/10th of what's on this dress.

We also went to the yarn store. humaazul enters the yarn store like norm at cheers; I thought about picking up knitting again but since I had just obtained project fabric, I opted to not buy.

on the way home I almost hit a dog and had a heart attack. it was CLOSE. I mean seriously... we were driving down a street with houses, so I wasn't going that fast. then I see this little white fluffy dog running around on the side of the road so I slow down. Then the thing starts RUNNING straight at my right front tire, like it's got a death wish or lost its mind or both. I slammed on the brakes but we heard a thump and I froze there, then look at h and say, "I JUST HIT THAT DOG!" I had no idea what to do. Then she says, "no you didn't, he's right over there!" She'd spotted him running on the other side. The thump we heard was, I think, my groceries spilling over in the back. I told her it was a good thing she'd spotted the dog being safe and happy, because I would have been frozen there for hours, guilt keeping me from driving on but fear of seeing dead dog keeping me from leaving the car to check.
Tags: cars, shopping
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