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so, where will you go?

I posted this to the website tonight... I know you want to see it!

News of the economy took a surprisingly awful turn yesterday when Livejournal announced that its parent company laid of 20 of its 28 employees. They're saying that livejournal will continue on as usual with minimal staff, but most articles I've read are saying that the future looks bleak.

But I wanted to post this open invitation to anyone who's scared that they will have no home, to tell you about a place where everyone can be your friend and you can write all you want about just about anything...!

Since 2002, has operated smoothly with a professional staff of zero. Even if I tried to lay off some established members I wouldn't be able to, because they're already not working here. Our server costs have stayed low, because we efficiently cut out any crap that we think is hogging the bandwidth. We have a dedicated group of volunteer moderators who can answer all your questions about anything (ask them about the War of 1812), dozens of original emoticons that are cooler than anyone's, and lots of happiness. And when you're not happy, lots of ranting. We even have a Members Only forum where you can pretend you're writing friends-only livejournal entries... because the only friends that matter are our Members, right?

I'm not trying to inspire panic... I personally am a little feeling a little on my own. My own lj has been updated 1-10 times per week for the last eight years. But why slave away writing your thoughts on a blog no one reads when you can come to Spacefem, write the same thing, get it shown on the main page of a place that's frequently visited by lots of people, and get comments from the smartest people ever? True, you won't be writing *your* blog. But you'll be with us... a happy community of sharing, which is way better. It's free to join and easy to post topics.

No corporate blogging machine can ever love you like we do.

That's all I'm saying.
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