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The best is when you help a friend take something apart for moving purposes then get home and find out all the screws and reassembly hardware are still in your left jeans pocket. ah yes...

I woke up too late this morning and was late for our 30 minute Women In Technology day. Damn! But the seven girls who came were really cool, all their Decision Maker Pros worked (even if one girl had to use some de-soldering skills, which I consider an art form really). They told us all about how they like their math classes and hate their classmates who try to look dumb to attract boys. Yeah cool girls! It's just too bad their were only seven of them. Rumor has it one of the graphics arts professors convinced our dean to cancel, I really feel like there's part of the story I'm still not getting (very likely) but I'm not sure there's anything I can do anyway.

After that, I went and tried to program my PIC microcontroller with the assembly code I spent forever writing and hex code I spent forever trying to get from my assembly code. ARHG! The programmer would only load like half my code though, it was totally frustrating. Plus, it was Friday, so very few people were around and nobody who's used our PIC writer software was anywhere to be found. DOUBLE ARGH! Then I get to talking about my lab partner about testing this thing (as if it'll ever work) and she's like, "LabView just isn't made to read multiple devices from the serial port, I don't know how we're ever going to do this." deep breath, deep breath... we've been working on this thing for almost SEVEN MONTHS and suddenly she realizes that the software we've been focusing on the whole time can't demultiplex? She was the one who wanted to use LabView because she "knows everything" about it, and suddenly she's confused by multiple devices on one signal? I just wanted to shake her... "WHAT WAS YOUR PLAN, ANYWAY?" but I can't do that because she's the only compotent person in our group.

I'm thinking my problem is that I've lied to myself about how easy this all was and took the hard parts on myself. Like, my one lab partner, the guy who we might kill, did a temperature sensor with a 0-5V DC output. That was his project. My other partner took a GPS, translated its signal from serial to TTL (this requires a single chip), transmitted it using the wireless devices that I procured, translated back to serial, and read it with pre-designed GPS software. So you're wondering, what the hell is my problem?

1) There is, apparently, no strain gage software.
2) A/D conversion is freaking impossible and there are no simple, functional devices with serial outputs.
3) I'm a moron?

So I'm sitting in the lab today with nothing coming from a PIC about to cry and my partner turns to me and says, "It's not your fault." Fine. Whatever. But to pass this course we must have an analog project component and I can't do it and everyone around me is clueless... the last thing I needed to hear from her today was that we had no software to read what I've been slaving over for two weeks. I was angry. At whom? Good question. Lots of things I guess.

Then I went back tried to eat lunch but couldn't, instead I went to Dave's and got my rum and lemonade mix to maybe make the trouble go away. I popped in Rush Hour II... I got it for Christmas and I hate to say it but it's the first time I'd really sat down and watched the whole thing. Happy surprise... there's a LotR preview on it! So that was nice. Dave came over then, he was worried. He brought chocolate and we snuggled down and watched the movie together because he'd never seen it.

but after the movie ended and the alcohol wore off, my PIC still wouldn't work, our software still wasn't right for the application, and I was still a miserable failure. I really, really want to run away.
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