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we made it back! time for normal life to start again, I'm almost happy to be going back to work and getting into the swing of things. cooking. doing laundry. that kinda stuff.

we flew out of atlanta today so of course our flight was delayed... we showed up and it said there'd be a 30 minute delay so I just went off about how this had to be just the tip of the iceburg. last time i had a flight delay out of atlanta, it turned into six hours of delays... 30-45 minutes at a time, so we had to stay right by the gate. it was horrible. but today that 30 minutes pretty much stayed 30 minutes and we were home at a reasonable time.

it's cold here but for heaven's sake it's winter and it's supposed to be cold. why are there even christmas decorations in florida? the lights around the swimming pool at the condos we stayed at had snowmen heads on them. as if anyone there knows what a snowman is.
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