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atlanta, and the photography rant

we have a down day in atlanta before we fly back home tomorrow, so we spent last night with some good friends playing music and drinking wine. it was wonderful! then today we woke up and went to the Georgia Aquarium and had a great time there. It's like $30 a ticket but worth it. we got to see their ocean tank with 20 ft whale sharks and a manta ray. i got to pet little rays swimming in a shallow pool. we saw jellyfish, otters, big nasty catfish and sawfish.

once again though i have to post my gripe about digital cameras and how irritating they've made the world. there were a MILLION people at the aquarium today, and we had to nudge through mobs of people to get up to the tanks. and a lot of those people were taking extra time up by the glass to take photos of fish swimming by... which i think is pointless. twenty years ago, every time you took a picture, it'd cost you film and development so you thought about what you were snapping. now people feel the need to capture everything possible that they can, because they can. here's how i feel:

1) By holding a camera in front of your face, you are missing the experience of just seeing something with your eyes. you can't get that back. the digital photo will not capture how amazing it is to see a manta ray swimming at you. i saw a guy videotape the water show in front of the bellagio instead of watching it... why? Put the camera down.

2) Pictures of water, scenery, and animals in captivity have almost all been taken before. Your picture of a jellyfish is worse than the ones you can download on the internet. The odds of you contributing anything new to the world are slim. Your family will be better off watching PBS than your slide show. Put the camera down.

3) You're in my way. Put the camera down.

Other than that it was a great day at the aquarium. And it gave me something to rant about, so... bonus!
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