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happy new year!

happy new year!

we spent last night at club la vela in panama city, fl. it was a chilly night for standing in line for a club, but we had a good time, it's a HUGE place with all these divided off clubs inside. one with a live band, one big room with hip-hop, an underground electronic music sort of place.

clubs in wichita have not figured out new year's eve. they've figured out that they should charge more... except that doesn't really work in wichita, because people hate covers. this club last night did a good thing: they had a $25 cover, but distributed discount coupons all over town so no one actually had to pay that much. so they got the good things about cover (people aren't likely to leave) but still packed the club. i've never been in a packed club for nye.

unfortunately there were some downsides. first, the club had The Worst DJ Ever playing in the "underground". it's supposed to be electronic. this guy was incapable of mixing anything. he'd play a break beat song, then flat-stop it and play deep house. he also littered the songs with this air-raid sound effect that finally drove us back upstairs to the big hip-hop section, which had...

the worst security ever. have you ever been in a club, seen a fight almost start, then suddenly ten bouncers come out of nowhere and through some kind of club security magic it's just all gone? that's what i'm used to. we had a birds-eye view of A Confrontation, which went on for several minutes, then it was a small fight for another few minutes, then it started going nuts down there. at least 30 people were swinging punches in the middle. the DJ had to stop the music (bad idea... people have nothing left to do but fight if there's no music) and request security to the area. which didn't show up quickly. so that was a party killer.

but all in all it was an awesome time and i'd go back to the place. they have a lot of outdoor space that gets really fun on spring break, we heard. last night was a little cold. today is a little cold... the high is in the low 60s, so bummer.

i usually do a year-end review sort of thing in my livejournal each year... i'll have to go back and do that, i suppose. vacationing doesn't leave as much time for reflecting.
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