Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

financial advice in 2009

i'm home in KC, and today's paper had some 2009 financial advice from local people. First, let me say I still think it's a crapshoot and no one knows the day or the hour when we'll hit bottom of this thing. Second, let's enjoy the insanity while it's going on... like the article today had this gem:
In these turbulent and uncertain economic times, I have asked the Lord Jesus Christ to help give me peace and guidance on what to do with my investments. Therefore, rather than trying to predict daily swings of the stock market, I am sticking with the strategies that my financial adviser and I put in place years ago.

First thought... God isn't well known for blessing the faithful with good stock portfolios. In fact, each year millions of very religious people remain dirt poor. You could almost say the lack of correlation between spirituality and wealth means God doesn't care at all about your bank account. It's like asking your mailman when to plant your tulip bulbs... I'm sure he's capable of reading up on it and giving you a splendid answer, but it's way outside his area of concern so he's probably going to just look at you funny. And I think God looks at us that way, all the time.

Second... isn't it a bit dangerous to equate Lord Jesus and "financial advisor", in terms of trust? If you think stock tips are divine intervention, why doesn't God just enlighten you directly so you can cut out the commission fees? Trusting anything... the stock market, currency, your 401K, Charles Schwab... is really proof that you're not trusting God. I think we should quit telling ourselves that following our own random ideas will make us good Christians. Be a good person. Be a good investor. Don't tell people you're unusually Jesus-y about it; you're not.
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