Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Happy Holidays

it bothers me that people think there's a war on Christmas if they see a store window that says "Happy Holidays!" I mean if you seriously think Christians are being persecuted in America, you're insane.

I get to hear guys around the office angrily muttering about "liberal political correct bs" when they see happy holidays signs. There are all kinds of things we ask people not to do around the office... don't call someone ugly, don't say the f-word, don't slap each other on the ass. Because those things are offensive. And yeah, technically you could call them "politically incorrect" too. None of those Christian guys would like it if we hung up a "happy satan day" poster on the tackboard... this would also be politically incorrect. Does that make it bullshit?

When someone offends you, they're an inconsiderate jerk. But when you can't offend everyone else as you see fit, it's because the world is "too politically correct". Double standard.

Anyhowsit, I found this year old post that I like about the Christmas/Holiday issue. It basically says that when someone wishes you a happy anything, the nice response is "thank you". Being part of a religion doesn't mean you have to be automatically against all the others. Christianity is not a football team. We're supposed to be nice to our enemies, it seems like a baby step in that direction would be to at least be nice to people wishing us happiness.
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