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the good, the bad, and the spacefem

First good news: guess who e-mailed me saying she loved my Jill Sobule winamp skins?! Guess! Just guess! (kinda loses the thrill online, huh?) JILL SOBULE! And she said she'd link to my jill site from which is soo nice... oh I love her! It's nice to be a fan of someone sweet and appreciative.

Next normal news: I got invited to a meeting of the Pittsburg Kiwanis Chapter - they're a service group for, like, old people. A lady who works for our department is a member and was in charge of providing educational speakers this month so EET got a day - first our professor talked about an airplane we made a bunch of years back, then a grad student talked about his rocket (I make fun of him a lot for that, don't worry). Then I got to talk about my experience... building the moonbuggy, being a student, making up 20% of the female population all by myself, etc. We were very well received, I think, and I had fun because I got to talk about myself which, as many of you know, is a favorite pasttime of mine. They laughed at the appropriate times and nobody fell asleep, which apparently is rare.

Next, bad news: Our annual Women in Technology day was scheduled for tomorrow, April 5. It's a day when high school girls from all over Kansas come visit and we take them to the different departments and they do fun technology-related stuff... in our labs they get to solder together a circuit that lights up a red or green LED randomly when you hit a button (the "Decision Maker Pro", we call it.) This year our main sponsor pulled out, but we did it anyway. I go down to get a schedule for tomorrow though, and Janette tells me it's been CANCELED! Apparently only like 20 girls were coming, as opposed to 70 like we normally have, so our asswipe dean decided to just call it off (as if he'd raised a finger to do anything!). I mean it's awful; our t-shirts are printed, the Decision Maker Pro kits were dug out of the boxes they live in, I was all ready to teach shaky high school girls that technology was for them! Our dean is a freakish asshole, yes, but I never though he'd do this, he has no reason to. And a lot of people have already put a lot of work into this, I really don't know why he even has the right. It's not like the program wouldn't work with 20 girls?

Anyway, one school called us and said they still really wanted to go, so we're going to sort of have it tomorrow for those 7 girls. But still... uhg!

So I guess you could say it was a very up/down day... oh well. At least SURVIVOR is on tonight so maybe that'll be good... even if they did vote gabe off (I loved him). sigh.
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