Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

social networking

I think, after a year, I finally understand facebook. I mean, I have enough friends that it's fun. I still block 99% of the applications and refuse to friend high school ghosts who I have no interest in talking to, but for getting staying on top of the local goings-on it's pretty cool. And it's interesting to have a separate online life that's not "spacefem"... you have to be careful, but I've gotten so I feel okay about it.

I do not understand linkedin. It's supposed to be like facebook for professionals, but this drives a question... who wants a professional version of facebook? I don't want to come home from work, jump online, and be professional. I sign into linkedin and I've had an account for a while but it's not really taking off and keeping my interest.

I try things on the internet now whether I'm really interested or not, because I want to know what the talk is about. If millions of people "get it" and I don't, I think the problem is with me and I want to learn about it. So is anyone here on linkedin, and having a good time with it, or gaining anything?

Deep down inside I remain a loyal blogger and discussion forum fan. I still really like websites where people are an "identity", and we have DISCUSSIONS, and you need something to say to get involved. I hope the social networks don't kill what we've got going on here.
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