Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

first... cute patches for knitter blogs, awe!

second... i have ordered a christmas present. my count is at 2. i'm making a list to knock stuff out like crazy on Saturday, also. I love shopping the saturday before christmas! I get to the mall at 8, hang out and shop for an hour or two, then people watch until around noon and it's perfectly wonderful. last year was ruined by a freak blizzard that kept everyone from actually shopping, which was sad, i remember walking around the mall at 10:30 thinking, "where the hell is everyone?"

So this year will be different!

The apartment is too clean right now, it's freaking me out. Marc and I spent the weekend cleaning and getting christmassy for our apartment building open house, so there's a little tree up and lights on the stair rails and that sort of thing.
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