Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

turkey and babies

home from thanksgiving! it was a lovely weekend, i got to play some games with the family, thanksgiving turkey was fabulous,

plus my sister and i came up with a great solution to a common problem... since i've been married happily for over a year now and too many people are starting to feel like it's okay to ask marc and i when we're going to have kids. what the hell. it's annoying. kinda socially unacceptable. and is it just me or are babies a huge freaking deal you should not try to pressure people into?

but we realized that usually these questions/comments are from the conservative wing of humanity... people who equate marriage and babies have a narrower scope of what's going on in the world. so from now on when they ask me about having marc's baby i'm going to tell them i can't, because i'm already pregnant. as a surrogate. for a gay couple. an illegal immigrant islamic gay couple. that'll shut them up right?

marc says babies are generally disappointing because they can't defend themselves in the wild. i have to admit he's right. i don't understand what's up with human babies... other animals reproduce, the new offspring gets a few hours to dry off and stretch the legs, and then he'd better be off and running. baby kittens are all teeth and claws in amazing ways. what do we humans make? the kids just lay there. i don't get it.
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