Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

thanksgiving and pre-thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving!

today we are having dinner with ms. a and her mens and marc's mom. it's a lovely day. i'm trying to make some rolls. i'm not sure how that's going to turn out, i'm not noticing anything rising right just now.

last night i went out. the man was playing at indigo and i knew it'd be a fun night and no work tomorrow, so hey. it was insane. there was a line outside the club by 10:00. a fight broke out while they were playing the new britney spears song (wtf? who gets their rage on to britney?). they had 2-4-1 wells. i got drunk. actually really drunk. i was dancing. not many other people were dancing. people would try to dance with me, and i was just too everywhere. a girl in the bathroom asked if i was rolling because i ended up wearing glow stick bracelets and was trying to splash some water on my face.

oh, i also went to a party at my neighbor's which turned out to also be a Tweetup. You know, people who know each other from twitter all get together? It was kinda interesting. I still don't get twitter. How do you get to know someone and feel friendly towards them when you can't read the stories of their life, you just get little sentences so you know when they brushed their teeth today, or went to work, or what they had for lunch? that's not informative enough to form a connection, it would seem. but anyway i told them that I was also on twitter, and they asked my name so i told them and then a dozen cell phones came out and the typing started and the announcements, "you were just in atlanta, huh, how was that!"

i should have talked to them more about twitter philosophy but i was under bad alcohol influence so i went home. and then this morning, i felt like death. the man made some coffee and that helped.
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