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don't freak out but i actually exercised, just now. i walk/jogged about a mile and a half. it's a lovely day and it felt great. i have it in my head that it's WINTER and i need to go into system shutdown mode... i hate winter. i hate the clothes i have to wear during winter, i hate feeling cold, i hate my dry hair. i try to shut myself inside as much as possible. but it was actually in the 50s today so i sucked it up and went outside to walk around. it's good for me. i am very very out of shape.

and it's generally been a pretty awesome weekend. friday i had friends over for a dinner party... and i made it into a pampered chef show too. yeah i know i rant on about my hatred for "sell you stuff" parties, but i'm always happy to go to the ones offering me food so i figured a few other people would as well. plus i actually did need some kitchen stuff. and i learned to make some yummy artichoke cup thingies that are not only very simple but allow me to use my food processor in fun ways.

saturday the man had a DJ gig at oeno, the local wine bar. i love that place anyway, so I went to go see him. it's sad how many people watch my husband DJ more than I do. but anyway it was a wonderful night. some neighbors came out, some dj friends came out. oh, and i ran into a bunch of guys from work who were nice to talk with, and i got to watch them (engineers) try to talk with women (normal women) which is good clean fun any day of the week.

marc did a fantastic lounge-y deep house set that i loved hearing. people liked him. it's really cool that he's actually getting jobs playing electronic music these days, maybe wichita is evolving some? i know that getting paid to play hip hop and "hits of the 80s" was eating at his soul.

i did have an unfortunate martini. it was vodka, lime juice, and some sort of fruit juice. it was way too fruity. a martini is supposed to taste like alcohol. i switched to wine the rest of the night, they lost my trust.

finally, I put out a new quiz this weekend: what color is your rainbow? I think all the new quizzes i've cranked out lately are a sign that i'm ready to do something worthwhile with my free time outside of work. i am recovered from grad school. it's time to take flying lessons, or make travel plans, or rebuild my linux box with a new motherboard. the problem is that stupid quizzes are free. and this one makes pretty colors.
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