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okay, so i bitched about the protest but i went! like i told humaazul... i didn't want the news media to be there and report back something like, "there are only four people in wichita who support gay rights".

anyway we had an awesome crowd even though it was freezing and incredibly unbelievably windy. i parked across the street, and a poster with rainbow colors and "RIGHTS FOR ALL" written nicely on it almost took us out. it landed in the bushes. i picked it up. i had 10 other signs as well because when you go to a protest you need to have the standard suite, and i've been to these things before so i know what the basics are:
  • love needs no amendment
  • freedom
  • fairness
  • value all families
  • straight but not narrow

I had one sign that was on red poster with a big heart on it. marc was holding it. the wind tore it to shreds. seriously, a chunk ripped off and he put it in his pocket, and the rest of the edges just kept tearing... sort of a metaphor? and the sign we adopted in the parking lot ended up breaking free and running down the street eventually too... i didn't chase it, i took it as a signal that it was meant to go that way. the wind giveth, the wind taketh.

The "God Hates Fags" people were out there on the other corner, haven't seen those guys for a while so that was fun. They have a "God Hates Obama" sign now. nice to see them keeping up with the times. Anyway they didn't stay too long which is weird, sort of a hate-cameo? Too cold for them I guess. Anyway when they started walking off the crowd broke into "na na na na hey hey good bye". there were maybe 6-8 of them, and probably a hundred of us. the trouble with phelps' is that they really extend themselves... on any given weekend they have to counter-protest the gays, target some friendly churches, then there are the military funerals, government offices, you name it... so you never see many of them at one place. hate just can't stay that concentrated.

i have a small number of blurry photos on flickr:

all in all it was nice to be protesting again, and great to see so many people out. our minister was there. lots of friends. it was a sunny day. i'm glad i went.
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