Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

8 Great Things Time!

Alright, I've decided to take a break from telling my entire life story on my LiveJournal to actually talk about my life now. Tomorrow we'll return to our regularly scheduled program, because I love writing my life story!

Anyway, when days are good and life is up it's time for America's Favorite Game Show -

8 Great Things For Spacefem
(is the person behind the Spacefem having a great day too? That's for our viewers to decide).

1) Earned more slashdot karma! I dunno about you all, but that makes a day great for me in and of itself!

2) After working obsessively on it for a week now, CHYX is up and kinda stable!

3) Along with CHYX, I've descovered a new love: Cafe Press! I created and ordered a t-shirt that just says "It's A Binary Day!" in big goofy letters, I'll wear it on the 10th (10/10/01) to celebrate.

4) Cute new ThinkGeek tux shirt fits well and is comfy. And I get to walk around with Tux stuck to my chest, I love it.

5) It's warm again! As I speak the weather is bright and sunny, none of this 60°f crap, it's in the high 70's like the world should be!

6) Test in Computers For Dummies class today so I only had to sit in there for like 5 seconds. I had to circle a PCI slot on a picture of a motherboard and decided if a printer cable went into a parallel port or PS/2. You know, with some talent, it could go into a PS/2...

7) Going home this weekend to see my parakeets! Ahhh...

8) Dave snagged a digital camera to play with this weekend, I'm sure I'll get to play too. I can record my happiness! Kudos to the digital camera industry for making happiness recordable!

This installment of 8 great things was brought to you by whoever invented circle templates - they're so green and pretty...
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