Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

relating to the masses

at the SWE conference last week I went to a technical poster presentation about virtual worlds, and a session about the use of social networking. at the virtual worlds presentation there was another girl who was a phd student who was absolutely shocked that anyone would pay real money for virtual things, like in second life. she kind of had this "what losers!" impression of the whole deal.

here's what I think: the internet has proven itself as a force that cannot be ignored. companies that ignore its capabilities will be left behind, like a person who doesn't have e-mail today. in 1996, you'd log on and do whatever you felt like doing, if anything, because we were all sort of feeling it out. but now that web tools are obviously having a big impact, i think you have to force yourself to look into and research what others are doing out there, even if you don't personally relate to it. that's why i'm signed up on sites like linkedin, and honestly, twitter... did I need another place to log into? crap no. but I don't want to be missing out.

there are guys at my office who'd rant about politics last month, especially about barak obama, they were shocked and appauled that anyone would vote democrat. Obama was too inexperienced, they'd say, or had bad economic policies. I finally told one of them, "If you can't relate to one person, the problem might be with them. But if you can't relate to 100 million people, the problem is more likely to be with you. We don't live in a country of total idiots. It's very self-centered of you to assume that you're the only one who knows anything, and that we're all going to hell in a handbasket if people don't think like you."

try first to understand, you know?
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