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i just got up from a three-hour power nap of doom. crashed on the couch in a very intense way. i'm still sort of recovering.

vacations are tough because there's lots of things to write about but no time to write anything. we just spent three days in washington dc and another three days in baltimore. the dc time was a lot of walking. in baltimore i went to the society of women engineers annual conference, which was absolutely huge. marc spent those days on his own, going to movies and museums.

on election day, we saw three smithsonian museums: the american indian museum, the hirshhorn museum of modern art, and the air and space museum. we ate dinner and went back to our hotel and debated going out, but it was a cold rainy night and we weren't sure where to go. our legs were shot. at 11 we woke up to hearing people outside the hotel on the street, shouting and celebrating, and turned on the tv to learn that obama had won the election and there were crowds of people gathered outside the white house just two miles from our hotel. part of me felt really sad about missing the party, but after a week of thinking about it, i'm not going to beat myself up about it. we were exhausted. we would have walked the whole way, and there was no way i could have known that's where the crowd would be (just earlier in the night, we'd considered going to the national mall instead). the area our hotel was in wasn't great and i'd never been certain that it was a good idea to be outside in the dark. so that's how the night went down.

the conference was really nice. everyone was really friendly, you'd go into a room and sit down and right away introduce yourself to the people around you and they'd start up a conversation. i got good conference swag. i have entries in my brain to talk about, that i'll type up over the next few days.
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