Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

we're safe and sound in virginia. so far i've seen the inside of a hotel room and an airport shuttle, and i got to have breakfast here with an ancient crazy old couple. at least the woman's crocs matched her muumuu, which is considered "put together" in come circles. they spent way too much time coordinating the toaster though.

i told marc that seeing the capital will probably get me all teary, because i actually still get emotional when we go to TOPEKA and drive by, yes, the capital of the great state of Kansas. being married means you no longer have to hide how crazy you are. he's stuck with me. but really, i think all these big government buildings represent some form of achievement. someone set it all up 200 years ago and it hasn't crumbled beneath us into rebellion yet, i think that's really amazing. it's not a perfect system but it's the best humanity has come up with so far.

computer clock says it's 5:47 but i don't think that's right... the hotel clock says 7:47 but i don't think it's right either. good thing we're on vacation and time isn't important.
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