Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

i've been mentoring a high school robotics team in the evenings for the last five weeks, and today was demonstration day. competition is next week, but there's always a deadline a week or two before where you must present a robot of some form and there's practice rounds. it's a good thing, too.

anyway here's how our robot went:
  • the mechanical systems weren't together until the last minute, so there was nothing for the electronics to even be on
  • the wiring had to come together in, like, a day, and because of this it looked like the big holdup
  • everyone hoped that electrical would be some kind of band-aid to fix mechanical issues... we disappointed there
  • the software team decided they were too cool to even show up

but hey... the activity is supposed to teach kids what engineering is like in the real world. according to this list we're PERFECT.
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