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so about coffee... i have basically stopped drinking the office swill! and i feel pretty good about it. i'd always felt bad before because it's not fair trade, not organic, kinda taste like dirt, but it was there and hot and effortless. but lately they've been weirder about charging us for it. it used to be 5 or 10 cents a cup, and nobody really made a big deal about it, you just threw money into the jar when you had it. i'd put in a dollar and call myself good for two weeks, because i only really drink a cup a day (a small cup, at that). But then it went up to 25 cents AND they started hanging up signs reminding us to pay for coffee because apparently the jar was short when they upped the price. I think it's insane for a company to charge its engineers for coffee. it's like charging your car for oil.

incidentally... for like two years, this was not an issue for my career at all because i had a boss who made a pot of coffee each morning and invited us to all just drink his. it was lovely. he listened to npr in the mornings, i'd go in and say hi. he kept m&ms on his desk so sometimes i'd snag some of those. my group was friendly and enthusiastic, we even had a friday donut rotation. there were squirrels and they were merry. but life isn't so rosy anymore, i work in a cold lonely place far from any group, it's kind of a weird complicated situation but there are lots of empty desks around me. that guy is sorta still my boss, but people have been promoted so there are some levels between us now, and he's in another building anyway.

but anyway i have learned that i do have time to make coffee at home! it's very tasty. sometimes i have a cup while checking e-mail in the morning, other times i package it up. when it's warm, I like iced coffee. that's really what started this trend... i make coffee ice cubes, and have a coffee nalgene in the fridge so if i don't have time to make hot coffee in the morning i mix the cold coffee with a little milk and hazelnut syrup and i'm off, my own little luxury from the kitchen. and I have to admit... it was kind of a problem when i used to wait until i got to work to have coffee. i'd be there at 7:45, just settling in, and a coworker would try to talk to me... and it wasn't good. now that i start on it at home i'm perkier when i show up. There are lots of guys on alternate schedules in my office, so my 7:45 a lot of them have been there for an hour or two and they've just been WAITING for me to get in. not cool.
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