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Oct. 15th, 2008

some days I feel like my job loves me for the unique, outspoken individual I am. You know, I work for change, try to make things better, make the extra effort to call attention to the good and bad around me. I get rewarded, get complimented, get told I'm a "breath of fresh air".

other days, I'm a thorn in the side of what would otherwise be a calm sea of corporate smoothness.

corporations are funny because they want things to be happening, they like these concepts, but they hate human reality when you drill down to it. they want you to have friends at work, but don't talk about it on your facebook! they want us to adopt-a-highway and provide pictures in the newsletter, but who actually volunteers to show up? they want you to be yourself, but in a way that's exactly like everyone else. those of us at the bottom feel like we get our jobs done in spite of the top. everyone at the top feels like they get business done in spite of the bottom.

sorry to be so vague. i know this doesn't make sense.

today was one of those thorny days.


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Oct. 16th, 2008 04:41 am (UTC)
damn... guess that means I'm having a thorny year
Oct. 16th, 2008 08:17 am (UTC)
from adversity springs learning
I noticed the same thing you did about "us" and "them," but actually it made my life better when I realised that. It's because it gave me a deeper appreciation that 92% of the people one works with are not idiots, they are people with different goals and expectations than myself.

Once I realised the part about the different goals, I stopped spending time trying to think how to enlighten them, and spent more time trying to think about how to see things from their perspective so that I can better anticipate their thought patterns.

Don't get me wrong, it doesn't always work, but when it really breaks down I am now able to say to them, please help me understand your position, because I am struggling with it.

I really enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.
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