Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

i don't remember people well

OR they just all remember me, it's hard to say. There are some factors that obviously don't help... first, I'm a woman in engineering, there are 250 guys in my department and I'm one of eight girls. So I stick out. To add to it, I'm kinda tall. Okay, I'm really tall. To add to that, I'm a loud person who likes to be heard, I do presentations to groups at work all the time, I even teach a class now, it's gotten fun.

So the other night I was going to a club to celebrate the birthday of a guy I sort of almost know. On the way there I ran by a place Marc was at to grab him. I walk into this bar, and five guys sitting near the door turn and STARE at me and the middle one smiles, waves, and says my name. I hadn't the foggiest clue who he was. I went over and said hi, but admitted that I'd forgotten his name, the conversation was lovely...

Me: I know we work together but I don't think you're in my area.

Him: I'm in your building! about 200 feet from you, you walk past all the time.

Me: Oh! Right! But we never talk, you know how it is!

Him: You invited me to your halloween party.

Me: Right! Except that! I hope you can come, it's going to be great!

Who knows who I'm talking to before my morning coffee. Anyway marc and I left and went to the birthday party, where I'm talking to people I definitely don't know because they're all Boeing guys, until one of them asks if I remember him. damnit, not again. He was my lab parter at Wichita State three years ago. One semester! I don't get it.

girls, if you want men to always notice you, go into engineering. they'll be everywhere.
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