Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

locked office doors

at work this morning a guy in a suit with laptop cases was hanging out around the front door, and when he saw me walking from the parking lot he came in behind me when i ran my badge. I kinda glanced at him to see if he had a badge, he didn't, but we're not usually to picky about that.

Then he asks, "Do you have access to the experimental area?"

um, okay dude. i told him I wasn't sure (although I was sure, I have all kinds of access) then asked who he was there to see. he said, "I'm not seeing anyone, I just need into my office."

I paused and was like, "DO YOU HAVE A BADGE?"

he said "no, I forgot everything today." he sort of starred at me. We have a security office that will issue you a temporary badge if you forget yours, it's not a huge deal, sort of annoying but doable.

I asked his name. He told me. Then he said, "I'm the ___ PROGRAM MANAGER! I was in your presentation last week at the VP staff!"

Okay, informative enough. I let him in and apologized... but I shouldn't have! This is a guy who I might have made eye contact with during that one presentation to 30 people, but we've never been introduced, he's not my program manager, I can't memorize all of them. And besides... if I was a high-ranking company guy on a secret experimental program, I'd be pleased if a low-rank took the time and energy to question me before granting access to a secret area! It means we're kind of pretending to have security here! Sort of like when my signature is a little worn off on my credit card, so the clerk asks to see an ID... I'm not mad, go her, she's keeping people's credit cards safe.

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