Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

scary stuff

this weekend i did race for the cure. i'm so out of shape. i didn't so much race, sort of did the walk/jog thing, it took me about 45 minutes to do the 5K. and I was sore all weekend. I should get back into running but it's tough.

then it was the chili cookoff, so there were infinity booths of chili samples right outside our apartment, so we did that.

went home and watched blair witch project, in the afternoon with the lights on because i can never decide if i like scary movies or not. it's supposed to be really freaking scary? not so much... 90% of it is not scary at all. the last 30 seconds are really scary, okay. i've been looking for movies to show during my halloween party. there's going to be music on, obviously, and the movies are going to be like visualizations, in the background, giving the TV something to do. so i'm trying to find stuff with good images. so far i've got silent hill. and maybe 28 days later... but even that's got way too many scenes of happy family driving through the countryside.
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