Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

The opening paragraph on used to tell people to sign the guestbook... it doesn't anymore. i think guestbooks aren't cool. one of those internet things that we'll just have to remember, like spinning e-mail icons and tiled backgrounds. someday there's going to be a cool museum about what websites used to look like.

I also finished my meme that converts your name into a dewey decimal system subject.

the rest of the weekend was typical going out to clubs! we hit three bars last night... finns for people-watching ridiculousness, morts for sitting and doing nothing, indigo for dancing and being in a very crowded place. it was a good group of us neighbors. i did not get crazy drunk like I did friday night. also this'll sound crazy but marc and I were out together in a group for the first time in probably months. Between him working, DJing, and us just having different crowds of friends sometimes, I don't remember the last time we were out together. Part of the issues is that we're scene whores... we like having different groups of friends, and both think if you put your stock in one group too much, they'll go away. That happened to me my first year in Wichita. I spent time with friendly coupled coworkers, then they had babies and vanished off the face of the earth. Social circle destruction. So now if different groups of people are having gatherings, I hit one and Marc hits another so we can stay covered. But last night he didn't have a DJ gig and there was nothing interesting happening outside of old town, so we were out together. dancing and talking and making fun of everybody.
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