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drat, no coloured eggs

New user pic to represent everything wrong with me. Basically the blobs are so popular these days I felt like I might as well "adopt" one, but since I'm special I get a special custom one that no one else gets to take. So here he is. Spacefemblob. Mine. Keep your grubby hands off!

I'm totally addicted to making xmms skins now. My current skin is a messy hodgepodge of half-done parts... maybe I'll just release it as is? I'll call it "Total Garbage" and everybody will think I'm so artistic and fresh... then I'll make one that's just a black square so you can't see anything. I'll say it was inspired by Gucci and everyone will go nuts over it.

Anyway, happy easter! I got pres589 to go to church with me. I haven't been all semester, I feel sort of bad about it. I think he had a decent time. It's always fun going with people of different religions (or denominations of your own in this case)... he's catholic, but seemed to enjoy our service, which I'm sure one day he'll stop referring to as "mass". He says if I ever go to his town on a weekend I can go to church with his family, so I'll give it a try, although after his reaction to some things we did today I got the impression that his church is really boring.

It's the first easter I haven't had with my family, so that was kind of sad. No little cousins to hide easter eggs for. No ham dinner with green beans and deviled eggs. I had cereal in the dining hall. But oh well. The good news is, Jesus rose from the dead again this year (phew) and I'm saved for another 12 months or until I forget to try and not sin.


Random note: KU lost last night. C'mon Radagast, you knew it'd happen eventually.

You know, I'm unsatisfied with the default livejournal currents. Current music? Current mood? I dunno, I wish you could do custom ones. I'd have Current Room Conditions (total pit) and Current Color of Toenails (Mauvelicious) and Current Food Craving (Ham).

Friend post of the day (I might do more of these, they're fun) goes to isabeau for being loved. It'd make a great CBS special, I can see it now: When Fanfic Writers Meet: A Modern Love Story... ha! dorks. anyway, best of luck isa!

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