Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

work conversations

There's a girl at my work who always IMs me with just "hey". then she waits for me to say "hey" back, to confirm that I'm there. then she says whatever she wanted to say. Finally today I snapped and when she said "hey" I replied, JUST SAY WHAT YOU WANT AND I'LL REPLY! STOP MAKING ME REPLY FIRST, IT'S A WASTE OF TIME! she was like, "just making sure you're not busy!" but seriously, if I'm busy, isn't that another reason to skip the small talk?

I told my husband this story and he said it was normal to start an IM conversation with a greeting and then wait for another greeting and then get to business... he liked it that way. huh? really, I can't deal. but maybe I'm just not that into IM. I don't use it at home anymore. I barely used it before, in college and stuff. it annoyed me. at work I like it, because if you have a quick question you can just ask someone, and people can see if I'm at my desk and I can answer questions for them quickly without getting on the phone. but this requires getting to it.

come to think of it, my boss does this same thing on the phone. I answer, "engineering, this is spacefem." and he says "this is joe." then there's a pause. and I say, "YES?!" Why can't he just talk?

speaking of technology and coworkers... another guy at work asked if I'd tried the google browser yet. I said no... mostly because I'm becoming a little afraid that they're going to take over the world. he said, "yeah but they totally should, they're google! that'd be awesome!"

yeah. you've been warned.
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