Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

cookie perspective, continued

Reporters are still calling me about Hydrox Cookies. It's cool, in ways, but now I feel like I've repeated my story so many times that they should just be able to pick it up from each other, right?

A lot of people don't seem to get it. They want to hear how obsessed with Hydrox I am, stories of all the petitions I've started for Kelloggs, and that's just not how it is. I mean don't get me wrong, I love the cookies. They're delicious and always have been and if I was in charge of the world, Kelloggs would make them forever. But I'm not stockpiling them, I didn't buy a new deep-freeze when I read that they were a limited time thing, i haven't been standing outside the Kelloggs factory for the last five years with a picket sign. If they're here I'll eat them and talk about them on my website, and if they're not here I won't eat them and I'll talk about missing them on my website.

To me, the cookies were only a little bit about eating the cookies... it's the story that I was into. I never started a petition or contacted Kelloggs about any of this. I just had the website out there for people to contribute their own personal memorial to Hydrox. I thought we'd lost the marketing battle a long time ago and there was no sense in trying it all over again... I'm thrilled that Kelloggs didn't give up, but we were never pushing on them. We were just out there if they ever needed an opinion.

It was about bigger things for me. I'm not saying that Americans should look past marketing campaigns to choose their cookies, I'm saying they should look past marketing campaigns to choose everything. There's an Oreo commercial talking about how classic and original it is everyone buys into it when they see it enough. There's a cotton commercial showing all the wonderful things people do in comfy clothes, and everyone forgets about the pesticides and environmental issues caused by the processing. Politicians try to win you over with stars, stripes, and slogans. A diamond is forever... unless you're the prisoner of war mining it, and then your forever is short.

Everyone needs marketing. I advertise my ideas, my website, whatever. I work for a big company that makes tons of money, and I too draw a paycheck. It doesn't make my world go around but I do need it, I'm not above all this. But we can work a little harder, to go a little deeper. You don't have to give up everything in the world but you should probably look in the mirror every once in a while and ask yourself if you're trying to eat something besides whatever you're being fed. Fight is what makes us human.

Hydrox were always my favorite cookies but they were also the epitome of a huge issue, and I could tell the story in a way that people picked up on it, because there was this image that they remembered too. That's what I can't figure out how to sound bite.
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