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I meant to write about this earlier, but I've been sad about it. After voting libertarian in every presidential election I've ever voted in, this year I will be voting for something else.

Bob Barr is the LP nominee, and he's not a great guy. In fact I sort of hate him. I think the party has become less about principle and solid reason, and more about providing a home to angry old white guys who are slightly more intellectual than the average republican. There's the Constitution party, which is all about social conservatives, but they've never done well... I get the feeling they've infiltrated the Libertarian party to make up for it.

The stupidity and wastefulness of the war on drugs is no longer a key issue; it's not listed among the central issues on Barr's campaign website.

Bob Barr has always hated abortion. He can skirt the issue all he wants now, but he's gone as far as to support Operation Rescue in the past... yeah, that's them. The dead-fetus picture wielding, abortion-doctor shooting special interest group we've grown to know and love.

He takes the states-rights copout on gay marriage. It's a popular opinion among democrats trying to win conservative voters... they won't come out and say that the government's restriction of marriage to a man and woman is a violation of church/state separation, and something government has no business being in. They throw their hands up and say, "Well, I'm in a national office, we have no need to comment on such things!"

His website lists "Entitlement Programs" (welfare, medicaid) as the thing "pushing America towards financial ruin". The Libertarian emphasis on controlling corporate bailouts has been diminished in favor of the comfortable finger-waving at millions of lazy Americans who just don't feel like working... I'm sure that's it.

I don't know who I'll vote for. Probably Barak Obama, to tell the truth. I watched his speech and I think he's very much in touch with the idea that America should be an optimistic, peaceful society where we respect one another... especially women. How many more terms do I have to go through hoping that it's safe for me to buy birth control? I just might want to get pregnant in the next 4-8 years, I'd really like to do so without feeling like I'd need a court order from a judge to get an abortion if my health is in danger. It irks me off that the libertarian party is just so male now. They don't have to be like this, they could stick to principles and believe in freedom, but on social issues they're turning into "blame everyone else" cowards like all the rest.
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