Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the friday night lounge

Okay, I researched and it was definitely LeCaire Lounge where we spent our Friday night. It was upsetting for several reasons (besides their IE-only website).

First, I was sitting at the bar turned towards Marc, and a girl came up on the other side of me and I didn't see her and her hair brushed against my arm, and it startled me. I jumped a little and looked at my arm, then saw that she was there... by now she was starring at me. Not in a nice, "excuse me" way but in a "what's your problem I'm gonna kick your ass" way. because I was startled when she brushed against me. we almost had a throwdown over this. I smiled, tried to laugh it off and say "sorry, you're fine, don't know what's up with me!" and she just stood there with her head kind of to one side. Finally she flipped her hair and turned and walked off. EGADS! Honestly I'd love to say that this was, like, the one fight I got into in NYC but a lot of people just seem to treat everyone like that, I was always seeing these confrontations go on, I don't know how there aren't more shootings.

Then there's the whole water mess... I had a beer, but didn't feel like having another one, so I asked for water. They only had bottled. I've been trying not to buy it because it's bad for the earth (seriously!) and most places are understanding that now, but this one not so much. so I had a bottled of water. which almost lead to another fight... ten minutes later, I was putting the cap on it, missed, and it bounced down the bar, landing in front of the guy two seats down. He threw his hands in the air and looked at me like I'd kicked him or something. I had to trip all over myself apologizing again.

Anyway, what finally drove us out was the music. The DJ was awful. He had all these stupid remixes that he was just switching in and out of without even mixing. Every minute, he'd change the songs, but never with a real transition. I don't know how someone like that gets to DJ in any city, forget new york. If we heard shit like that in Wichita we'd recognize it. So I guess he knew someone who worked there? that's the only thing I can think of. the DJ booth is blocked off in a weird way anyway.

There's my review of that place. And you could argue that there are mean people all over nyc, but saturday night at Sullivan Room nobody treated me like dirt AND the music was good.
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