Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

quick nyc recap

we got back safe from new york! I feel bad about not updating AT ALL during my trip here, it was amazing, but that's sort of the bloggers paradox... when life is really exciting, you're too busy doing that to write about it.

I will sum up each day in one sentence.

Wednesday - Dinner at Carmine's. Pizza near times square. flights were all okay.

Thursday - I think that every time I was on TV, I looked totally stupid. This includes my appearance on the CBS morning show where I stood there being not talked to, and it took us three hours of prep time to lead up to that. The Hydrox cookie party was a total blast, I got to meet all kinds of wonderful people. I think my favorite thing was meeting Paul Lukas, who wrote the Fortune article in 1999 that I refer to on my website. If it wasn't for that one good source I don't think I would have had anything to use as source all these years. He's a genuine Hydrox fan and was totally okay with me using his article.

Ringing the bell at the stock exchange was an amazing adventure. I mean, I didn't ring the bell, but I was on the podium when they rang it. The whole floor is like a frat party... guys yelling at each other, random clapping and booing, jeers, taunts, trash littering the floor. But I felt like part of history. It was amazing. However, true to my earlier statement, I looked dumb on TV because I'm tall and they made me stand in the back and it looks like I'm in the WAY back. But whatever.

In the evening we walked around times square, everywhere. my feet were a mess. we bought new sandals with more support, my feet were still a mess.

Friday - We spent the morning hotel switching because we were on our own. We took our stuff to the exchange hotel, which was very nice. Then we met up with aliki for the afternoon. We went to chinatown, had lunch at a thai place, then took the staten island ferry for some free sightseeing. it was all wonderful! then on our own again, marc and I decided to visit the guggenheim in the evening for their friday night "pay what you wish" deal. the art was good. the guggenheim... i'm still deciding. the bathrooms were mostly unisex, and too filthy to use. so we went walking outside after speeding through it, and I had to go to the bathroom, but we were at 5th avenue nothing-but-apartments hell. little tiny cafes with no bathrooms were sprinkled around, or we could have had dinner at some nice restaurant but it was 9:00 and I was hungry and didn't feel like doing the long dinner thing. I was really angry for a while there, realizing that I was in the new york equivalent of suburban nothingness, which I thought wasn't supposed to happen. it was a low point. we made it back to the financial district, bought mystery food out of a closing deli that wasn't very good.

In the evening we went out to the east village and found a bar. first a casual sports bar type place, with art on the walls made from bottlecaps, that was fun. but we wanted to hear electronic music so we moved on to a gothic looking bar that was terrible, so i've got to find the name of it. i'm still looking.

Saturday - In the morning, we went to central park and the natural history museum, which was amazing. we kinda had to try to do it in two hours because there was other stuff we wanted to do, but we sped through the mammal, ocean, dinosaur, earth and space exhibits. and we saw the planetarium show! then in the afternoon we went to back to the east village for shopping. I really enjoyed Saturday, I felt like we finally had the city figured out. In the evening, we saw Chris Fortier at the Sullivan Room and had a GREAT time. Met some people who actually talked to us, got drunk and got back to the hotel really late.

more details... as I think of them, I suppose?
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