Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

down weekend with TV

I have a narsty head cold. I rested today. kind of a lot, really... I slept in until 8, cleaned closets until 1, then napped until 4. our coat closet looks hot though. our cooler isn't in the middle of the kitchen floor anymore.

My 10 year high school reunion is actually next weekend. I will be missing it, to do the Hydrox cookie promotional stuff in New York. This is my dream, when I think about it; I realize they won't all be standing around talking about me, but if it does come up I'll just be able to say "Had to miss it because I was in New York on business, sorry!" and that's about the most fabulous thing ever, considering how invisible I was in high school and how much I still hate thinking about it. I really had no desire to see those people and now I have a bitchin' excuse.

There isn't enough track being shown on the olympics and it pisses me off. This weekend was supposed to be track weekend. We won a silver in the shot put and I saw none of it. Bronze in the heptathlon, that should have dominated TV all day! But it didn't. We watch swimmers and gymnasts warming up but they can't show track for two events in a row?

I heard on the radio that NBC is convinced that america is convinced that track athletes are all on drugs, so we don't care. this also pisses me off. or just makes me very sad... when the marion jones news broke earlier this year that's how I felt, very sad. although I haven't been a huge fan of marion jones since I went to watch the trials in '04, and she pulled that stunt where she dropped out of the 100, and announced it at a press conference she held DURING the finals of the 100. So the women out there running who deserved cameras on them didn't get the attention they deserved because everyone was at the press conference. Crocsville, folks, I was there. but that was four years ago, and we could have a whole new batch of track heroes that we're missing. it's a great great sport if you cover it right.
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