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hydrox trip

this journal is filled with what's in my head these days, totally skipping over what's going on in my life!

I will be in New York next week... it's a long and crazy story. Month ago I started talking to the Kellogg Company about my Hydrox cookie website... it's been up for nearly a decade now, just chugging along doing its thing. I paid attention to it to approve visitor comments and occasionally add gallery images, but I never promoted it, rarely even talk about it. But Kelloggs decided that since Hydrox are 100 years old this year, and the fan base is obvious, they would bring the cookies back.

So they called me to help judge their contest to find America's Biggest Hydrox Fan (said there was no point in me entering the contest, it wouldn't be fair) and offered to fly Marc and I to NYC for a couple days, put us up in a hotel, so we help with the events. There's going to be a cookie party and we're ringing the closing bell of the stock exchange. We might even be on the CBS morning show, if it's a slow news day. This is all happening Thursday.

It's funny to explain all this to people... I say I'm going to new york and they say, "Just for sightseeing, or are you doing anything special?" And then I flip a coin. Sometimes I tell them it's a vacation. Other times I go into the whole crazy past of the website.

Anyway they were going to fly me back to Wichita on Friday but I asked them to schedule it for Sunday instead, so marc and I have a few days to ourselves to do what we want. aliki... in town? want to meet up? anyone else?

It's got to be one of the most random "I'm taking a trip" stories you've ever heard, huh?
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