Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

old photos

i decided, while looking at old family albums, that being the oldest kid is tough.

there are way more baby pictures of you. this is sorta cool, but pretty much totally embarrassing also. baby pictures can be revealing sometimes, know what I mean?

years later, when a sibling comes along, you're the one sitting awkwardly looking like you're about to drop the baby. from then on you are not the cute one. you're okay... sometimes you can one-up the little one by not wearing hand-me-downs, standing in front, or being at the forefront of some new activity like dance lessons or a piano recital. but that's about it.

it gets really bad when you're around 11 or 12. you have a 7 year old little sister who's still photo-worthy, and you're the angry adolescent who's embarrassed by your family. when she's 12 and you're 15, they've realized this and stopped taking pictures, so her awkward phases go undocumented.

add this to the other complexes about older kids being stubborn, controlling, competitive, and we've got a tough life. we've got to be smarter and cooler in the end just to deal with it all, right?
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