Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the trivial internet thing bothering me today

yesterday's news lead me to wikipedia on pneumonia, which lead me to wikipedia on tuberculosis, which said that people used to believe that masturbation causes tuberculosis, which lead me to the wikipedia on masturbation, which brought up the point that many animals masturbate, and it linked to videos on youtube showing animals (gorillas, monkeys, horses, dogs) which i did not know existed. but there are lots.

so for the record: I think it's immoral to post youtube videos of animals masturbating. it just seems like a privacy violation, somehow. i know that the gorilla at the toronto zoo is not going to pursue a career in politics someday, but even so, he's a gorilla and deserves some respect and if he's going to do something that normally requires privacy, we need to give him that. it just feels like animal cruelty, putting videos out there for everyone to laugh at. even if the animals don't know. does that sound so insane?

anyway, I did discover a youtube channel that I really enjoyed: stupid game show answers. now those were funny.
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