Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

in honor of our almost-anniversary, marc and I spent the weekend in kansas city together. we took vacation friday, drove up and went to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. waterslides, rollercoasters, bad food! I think we did everything available at both parks. it was late and Friday and there were hardly any lines anywhere, we'd get in line for a roller coaster and five minutes later we'd be on it. i was brave and did the stuff that usually freaks me out because i'm afraid of heights. i learned that once i'm over the slow hill-climbing part, i'm really okay and it's a good time. there's a newerish ride called Patriot where you're in a chair suspended with nothing under your feet and the track is above you... it was awesome, we went on it twice!

saturday we went shopping... some time in lawrence, some time on the plaza. we met mom and dad for dinner at Lydia's downtown, and tried to get a drink someplace on the plaza but sort of didn't find the right sort of atmosphere. we went to some nightclubs after that, we were at Madrigal. it was okay, but sceney like wichita, you know... the DJ, his friends, and the owner with his friends, and they all know each other? I thought that was a little town sort of thing. not so much! we made it back to the hotel around 2.

in the morning we went back to mom and dad's for lunch and spent some time looking at old pictures.

tomorrow is our one year anniversary! it went fast. we're doing really well though and i'm thrilled.

sorry this entry is boring. it was a better weekend than this makes it sound, it was a blast, i'm sort of worn out from driving back I guess.
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