Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my little town

last night I went out to dinner with a new hire from work, and invited some engineer friends along for company, and it turned out to be sort of a disaster. first, i'd purposely tried to invite lots of single people but they had plans and in the end my group was three couples, one single guy, and this new girl. dammit. second, i had to struggle all night to steer the conversation away from how much wichita sucks. what are we trying to do, freak her out? everyone just kept bringing up crap like the drivers, the conservative attitudes, the radio stations. that's my new favorite ridiculous topic... our last independent radio stations went down in the past year or so and yes, it's depressing, but all over the country radio is corporate and mindless now. it's not special. it happened in kansas city when i was there. it even happened in lawrence.

anyway it was frustrating that no one could think of anything better to talk about. i kept throwing stuff out there... how we've got an awesome zoo, how much fun final fridays are with the art galleries, the fact that you never need a reservation for any restaurant. i'm sure you can find the suck in any town you live in if that's what you're looking for. we all keep living here, obviously it's not all torture.
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