Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

cell phone girl

I don't know if you heard the news, but one doctor at one hospital randomly told everyone that cell phones cause brain cancer. It's not a new idea, and he hasn't done a study or anything to back it up. I'm putting it under the paranoid favorite "everything causes everything" heading.

but just to let you all know, if cell phones do cause brain cancer, I might be one of the first to know because i live next door to cell phone girl. she's a lovely young woman, I promise, she's friendly and smiles and waves in the hall to me, but she is ALWAYS on her cell phone. I'm not the only one who calls her "cell phone girl"... it's pretty much the whole building. I think she moved away from her friends (although it's been over a year) and likes to stay in touch.

Once, we saw her in target, walking around the store and talking on her cell phone. it was a long trip, we were there a good half hour walking around, and we saw her several times... the whole time, on the phone. we saw her at checkout, on the phone. we hear her next door talking on her phone. it's sort of awesome, I mean, she's got it down to an art. I don't even know who she's talking to. maybe another cell phone girl, in another city?

so for her sake I really hope the brain cancer thing isn't true. if it is she's got, like three months.
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