Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

nerd girls

the short version of the story is that a group of female engineering students from Tufts University held some photoshoots and started a group to show that they weren't just engineers or sexy young women, they were engineers AND sexy young women. and now they're trying to go global with it.

so yeah someone will point out the obvious... that women's physical attributes are used to sell way too much in this day and age. or that you shouldn't have to say things like "I love wearing manolo heels!" to be considered cool and normal. AND that their website doesn't seem to feature women of color, at this time.

but aside from that I think it's a fabulous movement because it's about breaking down the either/or barriers that hold back both women and technically-minded people. come to think about it, it's sort of what i've always been about, as a militant feminist science geek. there aren't enough groups yelling about women's empowerment that are also technology-focused. and there aren't enough technology groups where you feel like you can say the word "vagina" and not be shushed for looking unprofessional. there, i said it.
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