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Jana Mackey was murdered. Police say it was probably her ex boyfriend. how do we make sense of anything?

She was amazing. She helped kansas equality coalition in our early days by working as our first lobbyist, she was busy and we didn't talk much, but she was at meetings, we had lunch, and people closer to the topeka/lawrence area said wonderful things about her. the early stuff we did... trying to curb funeral picketing, pushing for comprehensive sex-ed... was her lobbying work. she was an ally in the middle of Kansas. that's a tough thing to come across. and she was in law school, she was only going to get more influential. and now she's gone?

i'm even more stunned that a guy with a history of violence got to a woman who was an advocate to stop domestic abuse! i know there's going to be victim-blaming going on, already in the story comments people are debating it. we can't go there. but i am shocked because it feels like nobody is safe, no matter how smart, professional, and educated.

nothing we can do now.

jana, thank you for being one of us.
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